Why we developed RentalsClub

RentalsClub is offering advanced & hard to develop features for Wp Rentals theme in a “software as a service” format.  It means that the code for these features is not found in the actual Wp Rentals theme, but on our servers. The code can be accessed via API calls that are specially developed for this purpose.

Why have we decided to move our development in this direction ? There are several reasons:

1. The first reason is to try to protect our work and the code done so far.

Unfortunately theme piracy and code stealing is a serious issue. The WpRentals theme, along with our other products can be illegally downloaded from various places over the internet. Some websites earn their money by offering direct download links to the theme files so people can download and use without paying a fee. What most people don’t know is that many of these files come with malware attached (or you get infected by simply accessing those links). So you can get a free theme but you get also serious security issues.

In other cases, people copy our work and try to sell it as their own.

2.The second reason is purely economical

Some of the features asked by our clients (or those who consider becoming WpRentals clients) are very complicated. For us that means it takes a lot of development hours to invest in coding, design, testing, bug fixing, project management and, last (but not the least) in client support. That means that we could easily invest a couple of hundred hours in a complicated featured. (To make an idea, it took around 8 months of work for the initial version of WpRentals and our last update 1.19 took around 200 h of work, in devel, testing , bug fixing etc).

From commercial point of view, we must get at least an even return of investment.

Right now we get our pay-checks from the commissioned sales made via Theme Forrest market. The problem with Wp Rentals is that it cannot produce too many sales since it is a niche product. It is not a general purpose theme that could generate a lot of new sales weekely. Because of that we may have to charge a monthly fee for all the features we will release on RentalsClub.


How much will it cost?

At this moment we cannot give you a number. It may stay free forever. We will first have to develop all the extensions, get feedback from clients, improve those features and only after that we will consider if we will ask for that fee. But even if we enable payment, we will not ask more than 20$/month for a package that will contain all the features available.

Does this mean you will not extend WpRentals theme?

No. Actually, in the next months we will focus in developing the WpRentals theme to add new features. Most of those features will be in the theme you download from Theme Forest. Only several “hard to made” / special features will be part of RentalsClub.


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