Step 1.

Get a WP Rentals Theme License. offers software services for the site owners who use WP Rentals WordPress theme on their website. If you want to take advantage of these services, you must have WordPress & WP Rentals theme installed & running on your website. The first step is to get a license for the theme, and that is done through ThemeForest. If you already have a license, go to step 3.

Step 2.

Install WordPress & WP Rentals Theme.

After getting your license from Step 1, next step is to setup your website. Install WordPress, install the WP Rentals theme and optionally also demo content.

Step 3.

Signup on

Once you have the WP Rentals Theme up and running you can start using the features we have developed here on All you need is to signup, select the extensions you wish to use and get your api key. In BETA version all the extensions will be free. After official release we will ask for a monthly fee to continue using these extra options.

Step 4.

Select your extensions

After you are signed in on, go and get the extensions you wish to use. These will remain free for a longer period, but at one point we will charge a monthly fee to continue using them.

Step 5.

Add the RentalsClub API Key to WP Rentals Theme options.

Once you signup for some services and you have the api key, go in theme wp-admin and copy paste your Api Key. This will allow you to start using the extensions you selected.

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