Step 1.

Setup your RentalsClub API offers software services for the site owners who use WP Rentals WordPress theme on their website. If you want to take advantage of these services, you must have WordPress & WP Rentals theme installed & running on your website.

With the theme active, next step is to create your own RentalsClub account and activate the RentalsClub API in your WP Rentals installation.

Step 2.

Get the SMS Extension from RentalsClub

The extension SMS NOTIFICATIONS is FREE in beta version. If you “buy” this one through the shop (price is 0 now, so you don’t need to pay anything else), you automatically get also the Payment Management extension included and you can start using either (or both). To use payment management, you still need to get go through the “buying” process.

Step 3.

Setup deposit fee in your WP Rentals installation. Optional set Service Fee – if you wish to take a site admin commission too.

We recommend using 100% deposit fee in Wp Rentals theme options, so full payment is taken before booking is confirmed. This will ensure you can make payment to owner when the option becomes available in Rentals Club.

Step 4.

Set PayPal info

PayPal payments from your account to renter or owner account can be done only if you fill in your PayPal API info in your Rentals Club account

The PayPal email to which payments can be sent from admin account to renter/owner is set in each user account – in Wp Rentals installation – My Profile page.

Step 5.

Make Payments to Renter / Owner

After payments (for deposits and/or full payment) are done through your WpRentals installation, they will automatically show in your Rentals Club account – Bookings Management.


From here you will be able to send owner the payment for his booking: at least 1 day before confirmed booking starts AND if it is paid in full.

From here you will be able to send user his security deposit: 5 days after booking ends.

From here you can do full refund to renter, before paying the owner.

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