Super Extensions for WP Rentals Theme


*After BETA version, the add-ons will be offered for a monthly fee.

Create your own VACATION RENTAL WEBSITE with WP Rentals and the Rentals Club extensions

Rentals Club extensions are dedicated to WP Rentals theme clients who wish to enhance their already awesome website with new powerful options.

The BETA version will include the launch of 3 important extensions: SMS Notifications (READY), Payment to Owner (IN DEVELOPMENT), Weekly and Monthly Fee (IN DEVELOPMENT). To use them you will need a registered account, an active membership and an API key from Rentals Club account.

The membership on Rentals Club will be free for BETA version, after which a monthly payment will be required to keep using some or all the extra extensions available here.

Rentals Club extensions work ONLY with WP Rentals theme, but they are optional.

SMS notifications & Phone Verification

via Twilio API

SMS notifications & Phone verification is the first add-on available for Wp Rentals theme, offered through Rentals Club membership (FREE now in BETA VERSION).

With this option activated, users will receive SMS notifications for every WP Rentals theme notification (new booking request, booking request approved / rejected, invoice generated, booking request confirmed, private messages notifications)

The implementation of this feature is done through Twilio API which requires purchasing SMS from their platform. Click here for Twilio Pricing . 



Payments Management allows users to manage payment to owners through Rentals Club account and PayPal adaptive payments. Admin will be able to collect deposit in full 100% before booking is confirmed and send payment to owner through Rentals Club – to owner PayPal account. The same system allows refunding Security Fee or full payment to renter (if needed) – also through PayPal.

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